Our History

Our History

The historical journey of ROLCO displays a long upward trend, and its name is a testament to this success story. The company’s story begins in 1948 when the first manufacturing plant was founded in Athens, that produced dyes and detergents for the Greek market. The original founding name was “BIANIL Dye of Moshato.”

Ten years later, BIANIL introduced Greece’s first powdered detergent, based upon its own exclusive research and unique production processes. The name of this product was ROL, which proved to be so highly successful that it has left its own mark in the world of detergents. With its revolutionary and biodegradable compound, ROL quickly became the Greek household’s most reliable aid. Its high dependability and consequent name recognition among consumers prompted us to give BIANIL a new name: “ROLCO” – a combination name based on the product “ROL,” and “Co,” an abbreviation for company.

The maturing experience, elevated expertise and sustained ingenuity of ROLCO staff were reconfirmed in 1968 when we introduced AVA, the first liquid dishwashing detergent on the market, which quickly came to serve as Greece’s “cosmetic in your kitchen.” AVA was another pioneering product, one designed to help beautify every kitchen. It became another successful household name as well.

Through increasingly mature experience, along with a continually rising expertise and a relentless pace, ROLCO’s staff persistently continues to create pioneering products aimed at satisfying consumers’ needs. For many decades, ROLCO’s high-quality products have managed to find their way in every Greek household. These products have helped to ease housecleaning. The exceptional qualities of ROLCO’s products have, indeed, written their own history in the Greek market, and they continue to gain consumers’ confidence and preference.

Today Greek consumers uniquely treasure the brand names that ROLCO produces and distributes.

Our efforts and commitment to improve existing products and to create new ones constitute a non-stop process that ROLCO pursues with dedicated determination, always responding to the consumers’ needs.

With 65 years of experience, in 2008 ROLCO innovates again with the launch of planet, a product range of detergents and cleaners that respect the environment. Planet are the first household cleaners in the Greek market certified with the European Ecolabel.

In 1962, during the first year of its well-organized production and commercial activity, ROLCO’s share capital stock was 14 million drachmas. The company occupied a 6,000 square meter lot and had only 15 employees.

Today ROLCO is considered to be the largest detergent manufacturer in Greece.